To all my friends and fans it has been a while since I have posted. I have been working. Allot of my male friends have been bitching to me lately that they can’t get a date in Los Angeles. Well, you are never getting a date if you don’t ask any women out. I have been on 26 dates in 26 weeks. They have ranged from hot to not too hot. I like dating for the experience and the comedy material. The shit that women say is always funny to me. I am on a date and a women said to me you sound like a black guy when you talk.  Being Puerto Rican, Italian and black,” I responded with what do black people sound like?”   “Should I make monkey noises in between sentences”. I could have got offended like most people, but I knew she was testing the waters. Next funny thing she said was you sound like a Jewish women. “Now mind you I just went from a negro to a Jewish women in one sentence”!. So I took it to another level and said ” I can show you how Jewish I am by bending you over the bar and giving you my 7 inches of penus and that will give you a whole new light on retail shopping.” And she continued to talk shit. Which I found even more amusing. Her final jab was I don’t know where to put you. ” Well unless it is going to be vaginal, oral or anal I am disappearing like the mist.” After that she was cool. The moral to the story is stop being a girl guys and take these ladies out.


Marry Cute. Fuck hot. You do not want to marry a beautiful women. It is and illusion. If a women is really beautiful she is use to having her way. Unless you are really mean or rich or both you are in a world of pain. Guys when you get the big cash fuck the hotties but beware! 95% Of the time they are going to take you for a ride and take all your cash. I have many friends that are the nice guy. They will sense it and manipulate the shit out of you. I had one really hot girlfriend I lived with. Model/Actress what a fucking nightmare she was. I had pneumonia for three months and she would not take care of me. So after I recovered I had the locks changed on my apartment had her stuff professionally packed and threw her out on the street. Then I had makeup sex with her and threw her out again. I don’t recommend that extreme behavior unless you are willing to pay the consequences. But for me that is how I roll. Till next time.